Shunde Intelligent Manufacturing | Warm Enterprise Action Enters Delta Electric

Wed Jun 01 2022 Kaen

On October 22, Shunde District Market Supervision Administration and Shunqi Intellectual Property Protection Service Center (hereinafter referred to as "Shunqi Center") went to Delta Electric Technology Co., Ltd. located in Ronggui to conduct a warm enterprise research and visit activity, so as to effectively solve knowledge for enterprises Property rights needs and issues.

Xu Zhaohuo, deputy director of SANJIAOZHOU Electric Technology Co., Ltd., firstly introduced the company's new products and technical advantages. He said that SANJIAOZHOU Electric is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of water purification booster pumps and water purification kitchen and bathroom products. product.

"Just like the bathing treasure that we started to develop in 2006, even though the road to R&D and innovation is long and difficult, and there are many difficulties in the middle, we never give up." Xu Zhaohuo said that SANJIAOZHOU Electric has always attached great importance to innovation and intellectual property rights, and has Over 100 patents.

According to reports, the upcoming Yuyubao cooperates with relevant scientific research institutions, focusing on bathing safety, energy saving and emission reduction, water quality improvement, etc. In the future, it will continue to focus on technology and research and development, and make every effort to benefit the society.

The warm enterprise research team first affirmed the innovation and research and development work of Delta Electric, and introduced the government's supportive policies in intellectual property. Work.

Aiming at the weaknesses of enterprises in intellectual property rights and the pain points and difficulties of foreign-related rights protection, the Shunqi Center introduced the self-developed patent big data public service platform. Enterprises can use the patent manager, patent search and other tools on the platform to effectively help enterprises. Do a good job in intellectual property related work. In addition, regarding the issues raised by enterprises, such as "how to deal with idle trademarks and patents", the Shunqi Center also gave detailed suggestions, and suggested that enterprises should focus on patent layout. The center will also, under the guidance of the District Market Supervision Bureau, provide Businesses provide support in the field of intellectual property.

SANJIAOZHOU Electric said that this warm-up operation was full of dry goods, and it also made the company more aware of the relevant support policies for intellectual property rights, solved many pain points and difficult problems, and pointed out the direction for the development of future work.

Shunde Intelligent Manufacturing | Warm Enterprise Action Enters Delta Electric