New Era Prospect of Water Pump Industry

Tue May 31 2022 Kaen

The market structure is stable, and the product quality breaks through
Although subject to various constraints, the current market structure of booster pumps is stable and the brand concentration is relatively high. According to Gu Jiuchuan, brands such as Baifan, Johnson & Johnson, Delta, and Dengyuan are relatively well-known in the industry, and they can basically reach a market size of 100 million to 200 million yuan. In addition, there are many small and medium-sized pump factories in the industry. On the whole, most of the market share of booster pumps is occupied by well-known domestic brands such as Baifan Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Delta, Dengyuan, Lifu, and Drilling.These domestic brands are very competitive in terms of cost and quality, so the market demand for imported booster pumps is relatively small.

It is worth mentioning that these mainstream brands also basically meet the needs of complete machine companies for spare parts. Almost all water purifier brands such as Yunmi, Angel, Haier and Philips use domestic booster pumps.In the increasingly fierce domestic competition environment, the research and development and innovation of water purification products have surpassed foreign products, and correspondingly, the booster pump has also been continuously upgraded. Han Min, director of Xiamen Jianlin water purification business, said that from the perspective of a large-scale water purifier manufacturer in China, the purchase of core components must not only meet various standards, but also undergo strict testing by the brand of the whole machine. 

In this context, product reliability and technological innovation have become the foundation for booster pump companies to stand on the market. Xu Zhaohuo, President of Foshan Delta Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has repeatedly emphasized: "The main reason why Delta has been in the forefront of the industry since its establishment is that each product has its own patent."

In 2020, both dangers and opportunities coexist. The future development of the market will test the strain and technical capabilities of manufacturers. In addition to increasing the flow of water purifiers, how to dampen and reduce noise is also a problem that manufacturers want to overcome. The decrease is the direction of industry development. in 2020, in addition to ensuring product quality and supply, companies need to further adjust in terms of production capacity, cost, product positioning, functions, and technical capabilities, and make adjustments at any time according to market changes.

New Era Prospect of Water Pump Industry
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