Good Quality Based on Data

Thu Aug 04 2022 Kaen

The same goes for the product! Data can help enterprises to achieve innovation in the whole life cycle of product design, manufacturing, production management, marketing, use, maintenance, etc., as well as internal knowledge management and enterprise collaboration. It can be said that data is the leader of product improvement and innovation. Therefore, in the Internet era, big data will be the core of a new round of technological revolution and an important way for enterprises to achieve innovation.

Good products speak with data
On July 30, 2019, the "2019 China Environmental and Electrical Industry Product Technology Exchange Conference and Brand Tour" hosted by HC Water Purification Network was successfully held in Lanzhou. Technology, model and after-sales, open up new thinking, and discuss the future of water purification together. Foshan Sanjiaozhou Electric Technology Co., Ltd. brings its series of clean water pumps to demonstrate the superiority of products that speak with data.

Good products speak with data
Data tells you: innovative research and development of limits and challenges

Sanjiaozhou, as the company with the most patents in the field of water purification pumps at home and abroad, the diaphragm booster pump is the core product of Sanjiaozhou. It adopts a tunnel-type external circulation constant pressure design and has a good voltage stabilization effect; it solves the problem of water network fluctuations (pipe pressure wideband 10-50psi) ; Solve the climate problem, no pressure loss, no water leakage; stable current, prolong the life of the transformer; constant pressure technology, ensure the constant working pressure of the RO membrane; prolong the life of the diaphragm.

Good products speak with data
Mr. Wang Zhenquan, Regional Sales Director of Sanjiaozhou North gave a speech

120,000 times: The industry standard for water hammer test is 100,000 times, and Sanjiaozhou ensures safety and challenges the limit with 20,000 times higher than the standard;

12 kg: static pressure test, no water leakage occurs in the low pressure area;

12Db: Quiet test, the industry-wide high-standard quiet testing laboratory, the noise is precisely controlled within the scope of the mechanical structure principle, and the noise performance is excellent under the same performance conditions;

300,000 times: automatic start-stop test, simulating frequent start-stop during daily use, reaching the limit number of failure-free tests;

32kg: 32kg high pressure blasting test, the test of the high pressure resistance of all matching components in the high pressure area, including fasteners, diaphragms, pump head covers, sealing components, and installation methods;

100psi: equivalent to 7kg of membrane front pressure automatic pressure relief, to protect the pump and membrane life performance, can be set but not recommended to be higher, contrary to the principle of RO system.

Good products speak with data
Data tells you: professional and dedicated word-of-mouth casts

5 years: According to the survey of market usage in the past 20 years, conservative estimates, the theoretical service life under standard performance exceeds 5 years

Patents in 9 countries: Covering the global mainstream market and creating a world-wide best-selling brand.

35 years: Since 1985, we have been involved in the RO filtration technology industry in Taiwan, we have accumulated 35 years of experience and technology, and our evolution has been innovative;

5 million units: mature production line, with an annual production capacity of 5 million units, and to ensure that the product defect rate is less than 2/10,000, high-quality output;

2000 hours: continuous operation test, the life span reaches the critical point of reasonable attenuation low value.

30 million users: 20 years of trust and support from 30 million users around the world, winning market reputation.

Good products speak with data
Sanjiaozhou Product Show

Data tells you: Excellent and high-quality brand building

Imported from the United States: nylon granule raw materials, self-operated injection molding factory, formula, color matching, mold opening, injection molding, pretreatment, no mixing of nozzle material recycling materials, to ensure that the plastic components are genuine;

BMW Benz: The front and rear bearings made by the designated bearing factory are durable, low noise, not stuck at low temperature, and not burned out at high temperature;

German formula: The carbon brush is made of German formula patented material, with long wear life, less carbon deposition, low spark and low noise;

The inventor of the stabilized pump: solves the unstable water pressure and flow caused by the fluctuation of the pipe pressure when the water is used at high and low peaks;

National standards: drafting and promoting units, contributing to the introduction of national standards as soon as possible;

Full range: three major coverages of the full range of products, full coverage of appearance volume, full coverage of 50-1200 gallon flux, full coverage of tube pressure self-priming and voltage stabilization;

New media operation: Combined with the current popular new media, popularize water purification pump products to more users and young groups in the form of videos.

Good products speak with data
Ingenuity and quality, the number of advantages! Improve products, update performance, and increase innovation by continuously accumulating data. Sanjiaozhou captures industrial opportunities with the "big vision, big wisdom, and great spirit" of the leader in the field of water purification pumps, with the broad vision, advanced thinking, and extraordinary bearing, and keeps up with the trend of industrial development, making Sanjiaozhou's pump industry in the country and even in the country. The forefront of the industry in the world.

Good Quality Based on Data